Spain, Italy and Croatia

Spain, Italy and Croatia

30 Aug - 18 Sep 2020 | 19 NIGHTS | 7 PORTS | Aurora (R016)


Spain, Italy and Croatia, 30 Aug - 18 Sep 2020, 19 NIGHTS, 7 PORTS

Set sail for historic cities and enchanting experiences in the Med

From the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire to the cutting-edge museums of Croatia, this holiday offers sightseeing in spades. And, there are mountaintop views, sandy beaches, mouth-watering dishes and idyllic gardens to pick from too. Hop aboard Aurora for a cultural cruise in the Med.

After a stop at ‘The Rock’ (and the duty-free shops) of Gibraltar, you’ll sail to Sicily. In Messina, discover Mount Etna or the filming locations from the Godfather films if you’re a fan of the classic movies. Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Glide around art-drenched Venice by gondola or take the Casanova walking tour to find some of the city’s most romantic spots. Then, immerse yourself in Zadar’s fascinating fusion of old and new. The historic old town is a cacophony of Roman ruins alongside cosmopolitan cafés and state-of-the-art museums.

Admire the baroque beauty of Dubrovnik’s pantiled roofs and marble streets as you stroll around, perhaps with refreshing gelato in a cone. Explore the Roman ruins of Cagliari and its kaleidoscopic botanical garden, featuring over 500 plant varieties. And finally, sail to Malaga, your gateway to the historic towns and glorious beaches of Andalusia.

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