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On board every cruise ship you'll enjoy the same P&O Cruises experience. Our fleet of ships epitomises the best of modern British cruising and offers an unrivaled holiday experience. But what you'll also find is that each cruise ship has a number of unique features and facilities...

We have a ship with your name on it

For Caribbean

Shimmy at sea with Strictly

If you're planning a world cruise

If you're planning a world cruise

For classic style

If you fancy
a spa break

Great for foodies

for foodies

For film buffs

Fun for families

Guided Ship Tours

Ever wondered what life would be like on board one of our magnificent ships?

For £30 per person you can have a taste of life on board, explore the ships unique features, visit cabins, theatres, restaurants, bars, pools, the gym and spa.

Be shown around by one of our tour guides and experience our service and enjoy a fabulous three course meal in one of our restaurants

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