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Recipe: French 75


Cointreau meets champagne in this delicious cocktail

French 75 cocktail

The story of the French 75 cocktail dates back to 1915, when it was created at the New York Bar in Paris by barman Harry MacElhone. The combination of ingredients was said to have such a kick that it felt like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm field gun, also called a '75 Cocktail', or 'Soixante-Quinze' in French.

Serves 1

Preparation time: 3 minutes


30ml gin or Cognac

15ml Cointreau orange liqueur

15ml lemon juice

90ml champagne


How to shake and strain

  1. Pour the lemon juice, gin or Cognac, and Cointreau into a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice cubes and shake well
  2. Strain into a chilled Champagne flute
  3. Top with Champagne

Photo: Cephas Pictures

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