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British Virgin Islands Cruises

The British Virgin Islands are consistently ranked among the most beautiful beach destinations on earth.

Found to the east of Puerto Rico in the warm Caribbean waters, they’re made up of around 60 islands – some large and populated, others tiny and uninhabited. As you cruise the British Virgin Islands, you’ll see much of the archipelago from the deck of the ship. 

These volcanic islands have a rich and complex past, from the early Arawak settlers in around 100 BC, through to colonisation by the Spanish, Dutch and last of all the English. In recent decades the islands’ financial and tourism industries have grown considerably, thanks to the increasing number of visitors to this wonderful place, and it is now one of the wealthiest areas in the Caribbean.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The South American Arawaks first settled here in 100 BC.
  • The annual summer cultural fiesta features a donkey race.
  • The local music in the BVI is called Fungi Music.
  • There’s over 50 miles of shoreline in the islands.
  • Over 40 of the islands are uninhabited. 


The Capital

Tortola is the capital island of the British Virgin Islands, and it’s also the largest island in the chain at over 21 square miles. With a population of 9,400, Road Town is not only the biggest city on Tortola and a key port, it’s also the capital city of the British Virgin Islands. Tortola was named Ter Tholen by early Dutch colonists, after another island off the coast of the Netherlands. After British colonists moved in, its name evolved into Tortola. 

Other locations

On Virgin Gorda, you can stick around to laze on the beautiful beaches of this paradise island escape. The Baths National Park is a popular spot on the island – huge granite boulders randomly placed in the sea that make for an excellent photo opportunity. 

Devil’s Bay, Spring Bay and Savannah Bay are all beautiful beach experiences to be enjoyed on the island too. In fact, every way you look you’ll find another impressive view, another azure water and another beach beckoning you to pull up a lounger and relax. 




There are many restaurants serving Caribbean fare on Virgin Gorda. For those unfamiliar with Caribbean cooking, be advised that it’s delicious! 

In the British Virgin Islands, local cuisine is heavily influenced by African recipes – the descendants of former slaves have kept their roots strong. Fishing makes up a major part of the cuisine in the British Virgin Islands: lobster, conch and ocean fish are standard fare.  

There’s a famous soup here called Callaloo, featuring all kinds of meats and fish including pig mouth, pig tail and ham bone. If that doesn’t sound like food heaven to you, try the sweet potato pie, a Virgin Islands classic.

The Top of the Baths restaurant looks out over the geological marvel, so you can enjoy while you sip on a cocktail or two. There’s sushi here and beautiful gardens too. Or if you want to really go for it with a Caribbean feast, head for the BBQ at Hog Heaven. Eating pulled pork overlooking the stunning views will give you a true taste of the good life. 


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting British Virgin Islands

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