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Stunning sunsets, paradise islands and a world of tranquillity: a cruise to the Bahamas means relaxation and total wellbeing.

With long summers, warm waters and gentle winds, visitors are able to bask in the sunshine and explore the pristine sands of this diverse archipelago. 

Comprised of over 700 islands, it’s the largest Bahamian city of Nassau that’s the most popular. Arriving into Nassau is usually met with collective gasps of awe from passengers as they are welcomed by paradisiacal views of stunning beaches, colourful houses and picturesque palm trees. 

The perfect Bahamian island of Princess Cays is home to our other port. Arrive here and make a beeline for one of the hammocks lining the shore – the perfect location to relax and admire the views. If you’re looking for something a little more energetic, there are more water sports here than you could name.  

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Casinos are one of the most popular destinations here.
  • Paradise Island was originally called Hog Island.
  • Many believe the lost city of Atlantis lies in waters nearby.
  • Arawak Indians were the first inhabitants of the Bahamas. 
  • You can discover fish and keep dry on a submarine ride.



As one of the most populated Bahamian islands, Nassau is home to a broad choice of food, shopping and entertainment, and some of the most beautiful sunsets you could imagine. The island is linked to the smaller Paradise Island by two 600-foot bridges, which makes for a nice walk after the inevitable feasting. 

The powdery beaches of Princess Cays are best viewed from either of the observation towers, or from the ease of your sun lounger. It’s here that you can truly relax under the palm trees and mangroves so characteristic of this paradise island, preferably with a cocktail in hand. 

Scuba divers as well as those who enjoy snorkelling will love the pretty coral and exotic life living underneath the Atlantic Ocean at both these ports. From sailing and snorkelling to helicopters and horse riding, there’s so much in the way of adventure and fun to be had on cruises to the Bahamas. 

Diversity on the island

There’s more to Nassau than the white sands and blue waters of Junkanoo Beach and Saunders Beach though. From the set of the film Jaws to the pirate’s treasure trove of Fort Charlotte and the famous Straw Market, Nassau buzzes with culture, cuisine and history. 

The John Watling’s Distillery, Graycliff Chocolatier and Hillside House all provide a sample of the diversity of flavours in Bahamian food and drink, and their penchant for rich and luxurious tastes. Surely it’d be rude not to try them all?




In Princess Cays you can visit the famous pirate town, Rock Sound. Here you can enjoy the colourful buildings and quaint harbour. 

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the traditional Bahamian-style entertainment known as Junkanoo, where special music, costumes and dance come together to celebrate and set the mood on the islands.   

The turquoise waters at both ports easily lend themselves to hours of aquatic fun, making water activities like jet skiing and parasailing popular. But it’s the unique activities that often top a Bahamas bucket list, such as swimming with dolphins in Nassau at Dolphin Cay and swimming with pigs on the island of Excuma. 


Ports in the country


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