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Tunisia has been a popular choice with sun worshippers for years, but this little nation at the northernmost point of Africa is still hugely underrated, with much to explore. If you’ve got a nose for the exotic and historic, then a trip to Tunisia is a real treat. 

In the south the huge dunes of the Sahara Desert characterise the peaceful, remote side of Tunisia, while in the north forests, lakes and olive plains show off the lush vegetation. Somewhere in between you’ll find legendary beaches and right on the most northern tip of the coast, the capital Tunis. 

Signs of the rich history of Tunisia are embedded in the landscape here. Once the home of the mighty and mysterious Carthaginian empire, and later the African capital of the Romans, it still retains a palpable air of its more recent Ottoman and French colonial rulers. The cultural redevelopment is noticeable, while still retaining the country’s unique identity. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The oasis at Kebili contains evidence of Stone Age settlements.
  • Kairouan is the fourth most important city to the Islamic faith.
  • The country has only ever had two presidents.
  • Several Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies were filmed here.
  • Tunisia’s highest point is Jebel ech Chambi.



Tunisians have managed to preserve the myriad of dazzling souks, mosques and historic buildings in Tunis – earning the city UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The Al-Zaytouna Mosque in the heart of the medina dominates the city’s skyline. Impressively ancient in parts, many of the columns used in its construction were looted from Roman Carthage. 

Typically Tunisian

The Dar Ben Abdallah Museum is a former palace, giving visitors a taste of life in Tunis in times gone by. In the 19th century the museum received an over-the-top Italianate makeover – a sight to behold! 

However, the ultimate Tunisian cultural experience is visiting a hammam. These public bath houses have been a firm fixture of Arabic daily life for centuries. Bring a towel and your bathers for a good scrub and massage, followed by a fragrant bath. It’s a timeless experience and the perfect way to unwind.




Tunisian food is a sumptuous blend of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and French cuisine, heavily spiced and fragrant with cumin, caraway or cinnamon. Harissa is found in almost every Tunisian dish – a compote of hot dried chilli peppers, garlic, cumin and olive oil. A bowl of it is often served with bread as a free starter. 


Couscous (steamed semolina), merguez (spiced beef sausage) and lablabi (chickpea and garlic soup) are unmissable regional specialities. Street food is sold everywhere and wandering the maze of streets while nibbling a local delicacy somehow enhances the whole Tunisian experience. 

Salata Tounsia (Tunisian salad) is a good choice for the inevitable hot days out here – it’s made from finely chopped cucumber, tomato and onion served in olive oil with a lemon, and served with an egg on top.  

There’s an overwhelming variety of Arabic confectionery to choose from here, usually encrusted with nuts and glazed with honey. Go into any sweet shop and prepare to be wowed by the dazzling array of treats on offer. 


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