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Denmark Cruises

Often said to be the land of the world’s happiest people, Denmark captures fairytale charm and has many lusting after its idyllic landscapes and laid-back lifestyle.

Like the wistful daydream of a Hans Anderson story, towering castles dot the countryside while the sandy bays remain unspoilt. These timeless views make it easy for visitors to envisage the Viking history that belongs to this nation.

This Nordic landscape has many vibrant cities offering a stark contrast from the dreamy countryside. From southern Odense to northern Aalbord, the many quirky cities offer impressive art and a fascinating culture.

The positive and friendly disposition of the Danish people adds to Denmark’s charisma. Content with life and minus any class systems, the Danish people invite visitors into a Scandinavian bubble many don’t want to burst.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • LEGO was invented in Denmark.
  • Danes eat an average of 42 sausages a year.
  • Only around 300 or so of Denmark’s 400 islands are inhabited.
  • Denmark has two of the world’s oldest fairgrounds.
  • Hygge is a word used to describe the cosy feeling of togetherness.



Aarhus is Denmark’s second city and sits on the mainland in the Jutland peninsula, with much to offer art and history lovers. The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum is a European art favourite while the Moesgård Museum showcases Denmark’s extensive history. Risskov is a pretty bay for beach lovers, but for those with a preference for mainland views, the Brabrand Lake is also picturesque.

Providing a more serene experience, the mini-paradise of Skagen in the north of Denmark holds spectacular beaches. The ever-changing dunes are fun to explore, and the best views of the dazzling bay come from St Laurence’s Church.

City life

The country’s capital, Copenhagen, also has a port and is home to some significant landmarks including the Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace and the Renaissance-style Rosenborg Castle. Copenhagen also offers the best in Nordic dining, while cruises between Zealand and Amager unveil the most stunning Scandinavian views.


Coastal nature


Bornholm is one of the most popular Danish ports as it gives visitors an insight into rustic island life. Sitting in the Baltic Sea, it is the country’s most eastern spot and retains a historical charm with its wooden houses and withering lighthouses. The nearby cliffs of Bokul have views that stretch across the little houses right out to Gudhjem harbour and beyond.

Bright blue waters lap against the craggy rocks before the Dueodde shoreline gives way to lush greenery. Further inland the Almindingen forests call out to explorers, while the ancient site of Rispebjerg Has bears the remains of sun temples and remnants from the Iron Age.

As a country of understated beauty, there are many parts of Denmark that open themselves up for quiet exploration. Near to the port of Aarhus, the rolling hills and nature trails of Marselisborg have stunning walkways as the wooded lands meet the beach. 

South of the city lies Moesgård, where a trail known as the ‘prehistoric trackway’ leads walkers through woodland and beach to the Moesgård Museum.


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Denmark

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