About Osaka

Japan's third largest city, Osaka offers your cruise holiday a combination of historical and cultural attractions with modern developments. Before World War II, Osaka was an exotic maze of crisscrossing waterways and traditional wooden buildings, but unfortunately most of these were destroyed in the bombings.

Today however, the city has leapt into the architectural future with such buildings as the Imperial Hotel, the inverted U-shape of the Umeda Sky Building and the enormous Ferris wheel on top of the HEP Five complex.

In addition, cruises to Osaka will also offer you the chance to see the gentle side of Japan. Kyoto, the former capital, is a serene city of geometric gardens, geisha houses, cherry trees, temples and palaces. While on Osaka cruises witness the ritual of the tea ceremony or savour a teriyaki lunch in the loveliest of Japanese cities.


Shore excursions in Osaka