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A Balkan nation on the Black Sea, Bulgaria is a cultural melting pot with remnants of Greek, Slovakian, Ottoman and Persian heritage still visible in its modern-day cities.

Aside from the historical cities of Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria also has vast mountain ranges, quaint villages and picturesque, quieter sands that come together to create a country of immense natural beauty.

Your cruise to Bulgaria will dock at Nessebar port. Totally picturesque and the perfect spot for a walking tour, you’ll love the UNESCO-protected old quarter. Fortress walls, ancient churches and stunning architecture from different epochs bring the ancient town alive. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The national instrument is the gaida (bagpipes). 
  • A Bulgarian invented the first electronic computer. 
  • The country is one of the world's biggest winemakers. 
  • The oldest gold treasure in the world was found in Bulgaria.
  • The ancient Bulgarian calendar is the most accurate in the world.

Bulgaria Cruise holiday Highlights


Just half an hour away the city of Burgas offers the stunning beaches this area of Bulgaria is known for. Situated on the Black Sea, the shores are anything but black. Instead, they dazzle with turquoise hues as they meet the golden bays. The Mediterranean weather perfectly complements the vast beaches and beautiful views.

Burgas Beach is ideal for windsurfing, while the seaside resort town of Dyuni is surrounded by forest, making for beautiful views and woodland adventure. And of course the famous Sunny Beach is ideal for anyone looking for a fun beachside atmosphere.  

Mud baths

For anyone looking to bask in something a little different, there are the Black Sea Baths and the nearby Salt Pans at Atanasovsko Lake. Here locals and visitors relax in mud baths promising to make them look ten years younger.


Food and drink


Nearby Pomorie is one of the most popular places for wine in Bulgaria. The wine cellars and vaults here are home to some of the country’s most aromatic offerings – it’s up to you to find out which one you like best.

When you’re by the sea you need to sample the catch of the day. The Black Sea mussels here are among the tastiest around. Make sure to try the tarator too – a soup that’s light, refreshing and yoghurt-based with cucumbers, garlic, dill and occasionally walnuts thrown in – the perfect lunch on a hot summer’s day. 

If you’d like to try something a little more filling, go for a banitsa. It’s a pastry filled with feta-like white cheese and a variety of onions, cabbage, spinach or mushrooms. Delicious!

For a dessert that’s a little different, go for the mekitsi, a fried dough pastry that goes well with a dollop of cream and jam. 


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Bulgaria

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