About Korcula

As the reputed birthplace of that great explorer Marco Polo, the Croatian island of Korcula is a must-see for any cruise traveller.

Its medieval Old Town, which juts out into Dalmatian archipelago between Dubrovnik and Split, is surrounded by 14th century stone walls and contains a succession of narrow streets that branch off the spine of the main thoroughfare like a fish bone, designed to cut down on the impact of sun and wind to provide citizens with comfortable and sheltered accommodation.  It also helps visitors stay cool in the heat of the summer sun.

A fascinating place to explore, the Old Town also has numerous gothic, renaissance and baroque palaces, monuments and galleries.

Around the island are many small and secluded beaches, one of the best being at Luka Korculanska, a 15-minute walk or short boat trip from the main Old Town harbour.


Shore excursions in Korcula

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