About Brindisi

Found on Salento peninsula at the heel of Italy, the natural harbour of Brindisi is an important gateway to the East. Ancient mariners used its two Roman column - symbols of the city - as reference points into the port. Although one collapsed in the 16th century, the other is still visible.

Cruises to Brindisi have plenty to offer. In the Piazza Duomo stands the cathedral with its mosaic and baroque bell tower; the 12th century remains of a once majestic church linked to the Knights Templar; and fascinating display in the Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezzo. Another highlight of our Brindisi cruises is the early 14th century church of Santa Maria del Casale with its Byzantine frescoes.

With such a variety of destinations included in our Brindisi cruise itinerary, don't forget to save some time for sampling the local cuisine or a glass of Brindisi DOC - the area is well known for its wines and olive oils.


Shore excursions in Brindisi

Sorry, there's no excursions available for this port right now. Please check back for our exciting new collection.

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