Where in the world would you like to go?

Our ships have gone global, quite literally. Sailing North, South, East and West across the oceans and seas, we present a tempting array of options both close to home and far, far away.

The far reaches of Asia, the Orient, South America and our cousins 'down under' can be discovered with our Exotic fly-cruises. North America, Canada, Russia (and its Baltic neighbours), Scandinavia, Southern Europe and the Canary Islands can be all reached by an effortless sailing from Southampton. And both the Caribbean and Mediterranean are accessible by either flying straight out to the sun or sailing from Southampton. Where you go is entirely up to you, but wherever it is, we're ready and waiting to take you.


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There's a vast range of places you can go to with P&O Cruises. Click on the pictures above to start exploring the possibilities!

Our seven ships sail all over the world with itineraries ranging from just a couple of days to a full world cruise that lasts over 100! Do you fancy heading north to explore the Fjords or the Baltic, or south to the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and the Iberian peninsula?


Click on the pictures below to start exploring the possibilities.

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Few regions can compare to the Caribbean. Vast swathes of soft sand, inviting crystal-clear azure waters, a love of music and a blend of vibrant cultures unite these isles, yet every island has its own identity. Instead of being tightly wrapped in thermal socks, wouldn't you rather be gently lapped by warm waters? And rather than being soaked by the great British winter, imaging soaking up the rays from a brilliantly bright Caribbean sun instead? Sound appealing? Then hop aboard.


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